Spital Hill Network

The Spital Hill Network is a partnership between community organisations and local businesses to boost the area and bring benefit to the local community. The focus of the project is on the environment and changing the appearance of the area, increasing visitor footfall and marketing Spital Hill’s hidden treasures.

Creating Spital Hill Network is the result of a collaboration between local charities Green City Action and Friends of Abbeyfield Park, local residents, businesses and organisations. It runs until December 2024 and is supported by Shefield City Councils ERF programme.

The network will offer business support, environmental training, planting and clean up services via Green City Action. It will create a dedicated Spital Hill printed business directory, host an Open Air Market and Food Trail weaving through the high street, a Women in Business event and a commercial owners forum to give the area a voice. Our ambition is to create a vibrant partnership which gives Spital Hill an identity and connects neighbours and profiles its businesses to the wider city .

Spital Hill has had some good press and the Network is keen to build on this by highlighting the excellent and varied cuisine from its kitchens.

Recently The Tribune, Sheffield’s Independent newspaper, spotlighted the area in an article by Mina Miller challenging some of the preconceptions about the area:

“there’s plenty to Burngreave beyond the statistics. The area is home to a bustling community, with active local groups, bountiful allotments, local festivals, an autumnal scarecrow trail! …..and one thing is uncontestable: if you’re looking for great value food, the stretch of Spital Hill between Tesco and Andover Street, which is dense with food shops, bakeries and restaurants, is a singularly great and delicious place to eat.”

For more information please contact: info@spitalhillnetwork.co.uk

A line drawing of Abbeyfield House which is the Friends of Abbeyfield Park Logo

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